Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower

This baby shower was very special to plan and decorate because it was for one of our own, Isabel, this is her third boy, a very wanted little one, so we needed to celebrate! We decided on a twinkle twinkle little star theme since that's what the nursery theme was. She had no idea what the theme or decor was going to be, I did all this with the help of my friend Beatriz. 

When you don't have a lot of room for decor, like for this party, choose one space and put all your efforts there. When looking for the place to do it consider one that people will see as soon as they get to the party. Here, we held the party at my house, and because it was a small group we decided to do it all in the living room. We did our decor on the wall farthest from the entrance, because it's the first thing you see when you go into the room. 

Once we had our placement, we decided on this little white table because it has they shelf on the bottom and we could stack all the gifts there while still having all the elements for the party (if you're curious, there was a table on the side for food that apart from a cute tablecloth had no other decor) 

We decided to make a balloon garland to add color to the party, we then cut a ton of blue and gold stars to add around the name and on the table. We also make the starts for the cake topper and just stuck them on a wooden skewer. I laser cut the name in wood and spray painted it gold, this was part of her gift as she took it home and hang it in the baby's room. 

I made the calendar to guess the baby's birthday (I’ll upload the printable soon) and with my Silhouette Mint made a little baby feet stamp so people would stamp the date they thought the baby was going to be born on. 

For favors, we decided on something simple and that everyone would like, I made little heat transfer stars and ironed them on canvas bags, inside the bags we added 3 Lindt chocolate truffles.  

The last few touches were to look for gift bags and boxes that matched the color scheme and add them throughout the table.  

Here's the links to everything I listed above (please note that some of these are affiliate links and, at no cost to you, we earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase)

Silhouette Cameo (to cut stars), Silhouette Mint (to make baby feet stamp), Balloons, Cotton Muslin Bags for Favors, Gold Heat Transfer, Lindt Truffles

Party on!


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