Unicorn, Donut & Slime party

*All pictures on this post were taken by the talented Terri from Cerise Photography *

Sara (my daughter) and Sara are two best friends that met in Kindergarten, they've been inseparable since day 1. They also happen to both be summer babies, which means we got to celebrate their birthdays together before the school year finished. 

One thing they could not agree on was the theme, one wanted unicorns, and the other donuts, they both wanted slime for sure. So instead of taking sides, we decided to merge them all and create one cute, pink party. We wanted a girls only party so we could go overboard with pink and girly, and that's exactly what we did.

The first thing the girls saw was a tutu station waiting for them. They each got a tutu and then got to work on their unicorn headband, we provided different kinds of flowers and they all got to choose which one they wanted. 

Here are the links to the tutu, unicorn headbands, flowers,

The purple rack is where we usually store our costumes (my husband made it), the frame is an Ikea frame spray painted gold and I made the sign inside. The marquee number 6 is from Michael's. 

After they all had their tutus and headbands on we went ahead to the eating part, the best part, right!? For this, we decorated the table where they sat and the food table, plus the fence, so it wouldn't show as much. For the table setting we set each plate with a set of utensils inside of a pouch, to decorate the pouch we used the unicorns from a straw we found at target (everything linked below) and stuck it to the pouch, we added a rainbow napkin to add some color. I didn't want to use paper cups for this, honestly because I couldn't find ones I liked enough, so I got glass milk bottles and added the same unicorn from the straw to the bottle. 

I used a burlap and lace table runner and made a floral arrangement from the hydrangeas growing on my front yard and added some glittery unicorns to add a whimsical touch. For the fence, we used paper streamers with a mix of a gold mylar curtain I cut some strips from. The frame I had it and simply added some paper flowers and a big glittery 6. 

For the food table, I made the donut holders out of candlesticks and dowels and painted them with non-toxic acrylic paint. We did some quick link balloons tied together to add some color and a gold table runner for some sparkle. 

The cake is a traditional Chilean sweet called Cuchufli (for those who don't know, I'm from Chile and my dad owns a chocolate factory that makes these!!), they're a kind of wafer filled with Dulce de Leche and covered in chocolate, you simply tie them all together and have a cake!

To add a few more touches I used a letterboard and a unicorn head, and of course, some kettle corn, because we always have kettle corn in our celebrations

Here are the links to everything we used 

Purple plates, unicorn straws, milk bottles, rainbow napkins, scalloped tablecloth, gold utensils, burlap and lace table runner, pink letterboard, unicorn head, white pouches for utensils, gold table runner

And last but not least, it was slime time! I prepared a bar cart with everything necessary to make it, glittery glue, cups, spoons, contact solution, baking soda and, the best part, plastic jars to bring the slime home in. To the jars I stuck a small unicorn figurine on top and spray painted it all a coral pink that my daughter chose. We used this slime recipe, but I didn't print it and thought it needed 1/2 cup of water instead of 1/4, so it took a lot longer to make it, but it still worked. Moral of the story, print the recipe before hand! They all chose a jar and we wrote their names on the bottom so we did'nt get confused. 

Here are the links for everything, except the jars, I've had them for a while and can't remember where I got them. 

Unicorn figurines, glitter glue, bar cart

Party on,