Foam board awning DIY

Mary Poppins Returns inspired party

When I created this Mary Poppins Returns inspired party (full blog post coming soon) the first thing that I thought of was the awning, I needed to bring that carnival tent feel to the party, so I decided to DIY it out of foam board.

Here’s easy to follow instructions on how I made it.

Materials needed for a DIY awning

Materials needed


Line up your ruler to the side of the foam board and mark a line all the way down (down the shorter side), you’ll end up with six 6 inch stripes

Foam board awning DIY


Line up the ruler on the bottom of the foam board and make one line across all the other lines. You can’t really tell on this picture, but you can get an idea.

Foam Board Awning DIY


Grab your bowl and mark the scalloped bottom with your pencil.

Foam board awning DIY


With your X-acto knife cut around the bottom to create the scalloped edge.

Foam board awning DIY


Add your painters tape to the edge of each stripe, add it to the outer edge of the one you want to paint. Since this one was pink and white I only had to paint the pink and the other one is the color the foam board comes in.

foam board awning DIY

Paint! I prefer to use a foam brush because it’s a cleaner look but, to be real, I couldn’t find one in my house so a regular brush will have to do.

foam board awning DIY
foam board awning DIY


Remove the painters tape. You can do it as soon as you finish painting or wait until the paint is dry. I prefer waiting because you don’t run into the possibility of ruining your other color with the wet paint that is on the tape.

foam board awning DIY

Step 8

With your knife cut along the horizontal line to create fold, DO NOT cut all the way through, you just want to cut a bit to create that fold.

foam board awning DIY

For it to stay folded I simply cut two triangles and cut the tip off. I glued it to the awning with hot glue and then I stuck it to the wall with duct tape, very fancy, ha!

Hope you liked any first step by step DIY!

Party on!


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