Party on the Go 1: Butterfly garden party

This party came to be because at Alt Summit where I met Mary-Kevin Stuart, the owner of Daydream Society, and while we were talking she showed me the new collection she was working on and it is a purple butterfly dream! She agreed to send me some samples of the collection before I left so I could style a party around it. 

I decided to concentrate on the purple and have other pops of color here and there, so I went into my prop closet and saw what I had that could work and then to the Jollity and Co website to see what else I needed that was easy to pack. I went for a purple bunting banner because it’s pretty flat to pack but it gives a great impact. 

I then decided to use some Mouse Loves Pig ribbon wand to add another pop of color to the party. 

The most important part of this party was finding a park or garden where I could take these pictures in a cute setting. We were in London only for 4 days (read what we did here) but I was determined to find a cute place and I found it at Green Park right next to Buckingham Palace, I will tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ll find a cooler place to shoot a party anywhere else, ha!

Things that I brought:

Butterfly garden party

Things I bought:

  • Cheap flowers at the local grocery store

  • White and blue blanket (very lightweight and easy to pack when done)

What I wish I had found to buy:

  • Scissors, I forgot to bring some and I couldn’t find anywhere to buy them! 

  • Some cups 

  • Cutlery 

Free things I used:

  • Greenery from the trees around us, don’t tell the queen that I cut her trees!

  • White flowers from the trees around us 

  • Beautiful park setting

That morning while the rest of the family went to see the change of guards I took my niece with me to get a few things and set up the party with me. We had tried what we wanted to do the night before, so once we got there it was pretty fast. I let the kiddos play around with the ribbons and took a million pics and got out of there pretty fast. 

It was so fun to have this little time with my nieces and daughter (and my son that snuck in there for a pic or two), they loved playing with the ribbons and seeing how a party comes together.

simple butterfly garden purple party 14.jpg

Hope you like this party, this is the first one of a series of posts I will do while traveling, the next one is for my son’s birthday and the theme is “The greatest showman”

Party on!


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