Party on the Go 2: Greatest Showman/Circus Party

My youngest turned 5, insert surprised emoji here, how did this happen so fast?! I have no idea, but clearly parties are a big deal in our household, so when he realized his birthday fell in the middle of our trip (see why we traveled for 5 weeks here) he said he needed a party and we started thinking how we could make it happen…and because apparently I can’t do anything small, I came up with my “Parties on the Go” series, where I styled 4 different parties in 4 different cities. 

My kids see me come up with themes, and sometimes over the top, parties for my clients, so it’s natural that they want beautiful parties for themselves, I mean who can blame them?! So when it’s time to come up with their theme they come up with some pretty incredible themes and designs.

If you follow me on Instagram you might’ve seen that my son had a hard time coming up with a theme, first he wanted a penguin party “because I know how to waddle like a penguin”, his words not mine. Then he wanted “The Greatest Showman” because he’s obsessed with the movie and soundtrack (he knows all the words to every song) but he didn’t want to let go of his penguin party so he wanted both in one, a “greatest showman/penguin party, and I had to draw the line somewhere, that was not happening, especially while traveling. 

So he decided to do a “Greatest Showman” party. We figured the colors would be blue, red, white and yellow and together we went into Ellie and Piper’s website to chose some of the decor (everything we got is listed further down the post). After we had decided what we wanted from there we went into Love the Day’s printable library (if you’ve never heard of this she’s a fellow blogger that created a printable library with a monthly subscription, so you pay a small amount every month and you have access to all her party themes and cute tags and more, it’s definitely worth it!). We printed a bunch of things off of her website and were ready to roll. 

When we got to Tel Aviv we found that there was a party boutique right next door to our Airbnb, talk about perfection! So we went there and got him some his name in Hebrew letters for the cake and a banner in Hebrew that he insisted he needed to have, he said we needed to put it outside the building so people would know his party was there and they could come up and celebrate, gotta love 5 year olds, we did the best next thing and hang it on the window looking out, ha! 

started by choosing where I wanted to set up, our Airbnb had the perfect floating tv stand, so I just took the tv out and started putting up the paper fans, at first I used the sticker that came with them, but I realized about 30 seconds later that it was impossible to remove from the wall (you can see the whole disaster under “parties on the go” highlight of my Instagram Stories), so I ended up using blue tack to attach them. I can’t say this enough, unless you want to be asking the internet how to remove sticky tape off the wall don’t use the one that comes with it! 

After the paper fans, I cut and put together the printables, I recommend to bring them without cutting them because it’s easier to carry in a backpack, I just put them together with my laptop and they were perfectly straight when it was time to use them. I used blue tack to attach the party hats in the back and the snack boxes so you couldn’t see the tape since I forgot to bring clear tape. 

When putting together a party I always like to have different heights so the party is not so linear, so I searched through my Airbnb to see what I could use as a cake stand, at first I tried a clear salad bowl upside down but it created a lot of empty space. Then I found some IKEA wooden boxes in the bathroom and decided to wrap it with a napkin to add more color to the bottom, easy peasy. 

I added a wooden basket I found to put some ribbon wands for the kids to play with and some peanut snacks inside the boxes and that’s it. This party was so easy to put together and it felt exactly like a party I would throw him at home, he loved every bit of it, especially eating cake for breakfast, ha!

What I brought:

What I bought in Tel Aviv:

  • His name in Hebrew for the cake

  • Bamba, peanut snacks (in the US you can find them at Trader Joe’s)

Free things I used:

All these were things I found at the Airbnb we were staying at

  • Woven basket

  • Mason Jar

  • Wooden box that I wrapped with a napkin to use as a cake stand

Hope you enjoyed this party because it might be my favorite to date! Click here to see my butterfly party on the go

Party on!


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