Party on the Go 3: Ice Cream Party

If you’ve been following my trip you know that I styled 4 parties in 4 different cities to show you how easy it can be to set up a party with key items that fit into a suitcase with ease. When thinking about what themes to do, I had to include an ice cream party because me and my kids are obsessed with ice cream of any form, we had at least one every day of our 38 day trip and I don’t regret any of them!

When I started thinking about this theme, the first thing I did was go on to Ellie and Piper’s website, one of my favorite party boutiques. What’s great about this theme is that she actually has an ice cream party theme on her website so it’s super easy to get everything you need in a few clicks. 

I started by choosing colors, like I always do, and this one was a no brainer, a mix of pink, light blue, purple, yellow and small touches of gold. The first thing I knew I had to have were the gelato plates from Oh Happy Day, I’ve been dying to use them, but I wanted to use them in a fun way, so I decided to string them with fishing line (I just taped fishing line behind each plate, but you could also make small holes and string it). 

I also knew I wanted to have the word gelato or ice cream somewhere so I decided to use a Meri Meri garland, but because I had already used the plates as a banner I thought it was too much to also string the cones that come with it so I decided to just use the top for decor on the table. 

After adding those things, I decided to go with the sprinkles napkins because I just couldn’t resist them and they’re super portable. And let’s talk about that confetti, it’s a tiny little bag that fits anywhere but there’s so much confetti inside, I didn’t even use the whole bag for this table and I added a ton of confetti to it. The gold confetti just gives it a little something special ( and between you and me…I just scooped that confetti up after I took the pics and returned it to the bag for future use…it was too good to throw it away!)

After I had all those things I still thought the party would look a little plain and after thinking what could make it feel festive but also easy to recreate, I decided to cut some removable vinyl with my silhouette machine in the colors of the party. It’s the perfect solution because it takes almost no space on your suitcase and it sticks to almost any surface and it’s very easily removable. If you’re going to use it just for the party and take it down after it just stick them with care and don’t press too hard so you can take them down easily. If you want them more permanently (I made a sprinkle wall in my kids’ room with that same vinyl and it’s been there for almost 3 years, even after I took them out and move them to another room)

When it was time to put together the party I moved the entryway console table to the living room because it was brighter and started setting up the sprinkles on the wall in random patterns and colors, after I had most of it done I added the banner on top of it and the paper plate garland to the table. I decided to add the napkins arranged in a way that you could see all the colors and the confetti and colorful paper balls on top. 

What I brought:

What I bought in Jerusalem:

  • Nothing!

Things I found around the Airbnb

  • Ceramic apple

  • Glass milk jars

  • Cute table

Ice cream party 16.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this party!

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Party on!


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