October Roundup

*All pictures on this post were taken with an iPhone and edited in Lightroom*

October was the craziest month we’ve ever had! We had a total of 8 parties and 1 photoshoot! It was also the first time having these many parties by myself (Isabel moved to Austin in July and is now in charge of online sales and I’m in the Bay Area in charge of all parties happening here)

Not only did we have many parties, but they all had a different theme and we’ve never done any of them before. Our parties started the weekend of the 13th, where we had a Friday Night at Freddy’s party (FNAF) and a wedding (so exciting!)

When we got approached for a FNAF party I had absolutely no idea what that was (it’s a scary video game if you’re as clueless as me), mom wanted to make it special, but had no idea what to do. We decided on a backdrop that included a poster the mom had gotten and stars all around, the colors of the party were hot pink, white and silver. We also went with a nontraditional birthday banner, we created a balloon garland with floating letters hanging on fishing line.

My good friend Stephanie Woods (who designed this website) got married and asked me to make some fun balloons for the photo booth at the reception, of course, I had to get in on the fun and take a picture in there.

Next up was Rec Room Creative’s Halloween party, that you can see all about here and a very special photo shoot we did for someone that turned 40, I will write a special blog post about that shoot because there's a story behind it.

After the crazy weekend of the 13th, I had a crazy Saturday on the 20th, two parties, a joint 40th for a husband and his wife and a sports themed 1st birthday.

The sports theme was more of a ball theme because the boy is obsessed with balls and it came out super cute. The 40th birthday party was a simple dessert table set up, the coolest aspect of it is that it was for a former Olympian!! How cool is that?!

And last, but not least, the last weekend in October I had 3 parties, a Halloween balloon installation on Friday, a Piggie and Gerald themed birthday party, and a last minute balloon installation for 3 year old twins.

That’s all the craziness that happened around here in October. This last picture really shows how crazy I am because before all this happened, on the 12th, my daughter decided she wanted a lemonade stand to help raise money for her school’s new playground. I not only let her do it, but went all out, in my defense I was trying a new technique of balloon garland, so I did it to try it here before doing it at a party.

If you look closely at the picture you’ll notice that one of the jars says water when its very clearly not water. I labeled it for a party a few months back and didn’t take it off, looks weird, but it’s apple juice, haha!

She and her best friend had a blast and raised $53 for their school!

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my life!

Party on!